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Attention: This product is discontinued until further notice

Welcome Ladies to probably one of the most effective fat loss programs in the world. Tried, tested and proven hundreds of times over. Become a part of the next wave of girls changing their lives and bodies in almost impossible time with ease. 

Eat plenty of food, no restriction just a change in habits to bring about long term sustainable fat loss. It's that simple and costs next to nothing for this kind of service. 

The first step is always the hardest but once you have taken it you can change your life. 

What can you expect? 

  • No dietary restriction
  • A detailed food plan telling you what foods you can eat, how much and when
  • Loads of tasty meal options to choose from, or make your own and share with the 6fit community
  • A full week by week gym based training plan and manual with video guidance if you need it
  • A simple cardio program to work alongside your weight training which can be done outside of a gym
  • A full supplement guide to show you what to take and when
  • Online 24/7 support community
  • Weekly photo check in and progress tracking
  • Daily contact with me via the forum 
AND!!! The best thing about this program is the amazing community on the 6fit Facebook forum. Hundreds of girls from around the world achieving it together. Going through the same journey, supporting each other along the way and sharing thoughts, fun, recipes, training sessions, progress and celebrations. 

Photo check ins are compulsory as is a Facebook account for access to the private forums. I would advise that this program is not suitable for vegetarians.