14 weeks online personal training


  • Full online In depth lifestyle, Habits and nutritional audit.

    Upon registering for your online personal training package, you will be sent an in depth questionnaire which will allow me to ascertain your current state medically, nutritionally and habitually. I will also determine what your goals, training age and current gym experience are. This allows me to create the perfect program and dietary guidelines for you no matter your age, experience or situation.

    Weekly email check in.

    You will be in contact constantly with either myself or one of my trainers. We will be on hand for you all the time. Twice weekly we will expect you to "Check In" with us to update us on your progress, to give any feedback, voice concerns or questions. You will deal with one point of contact at all times from start to finish unless due to holidays, illness etc your trainer cannot be present. If thats the case myself or another member of my team will take their place until they return. So you are never left without contact.

    Skype support.

    You will be given an initial consultation via Skype to go through anything necessary. Myself or my team will also use Skype video calling to discuss things which are either too complex or inconvenient to discuss via email. Time is valuable so I will do what we can to make sure none is wasted. If you are over seas in the USA, Australia or anywhere else in the world. If I need to set an alarm and get up in the middle of the night in order to sit and talk through things with you then I will. Your results are my priority. 

    Progressive, periodised bespoke training protocols.

    Your training/gym workouts will be planned and outlined in detail so your path to success is clear. After I determine what level you are currently at as a baseline. I will build on this to ensure your program gets you the results you want in record time. I will clearly state the exercises, the exercise order, sets, reps, rest, tempo and training days. Your program will be amended and progressed as necessary. This is a variable which will change from person to person depending on training age. 

    Optimised Nutrition protocols.

    In the same way as I design your training programs i will design your nutrition guidelines and Macro plans to complement it perfectly. I'll take into account any intolerances, or past dietary issues in order to promote your hormonal health as well as optimal body composition. Your diet should run fluidly along side the training plan in order to maximise results. It should change as the training plan changes. As before, amendments will be made as necessary or with the change in training protocol. I will not provide specific recipes/meal plans for you. If I do you will learn nothing and are far more likely to fail or relapse. Education is key, I will teach you how to understand and adapt your own diets to suit your needs. Although hard at first, you will thank me for it later. 

    Supplement guidelines

    I will supply you with my recommendations on the exact supplements that your should be taking to maximise your results. I'll also give you as much information on why they are necessary as I can. There are so many supplements on the market that it can sometimes be a minefield of confusion as to what actually works, what doesn't and whats right for you.

    Weekly progression check in.

    Even if everything is going perfectly and you miss your weekly check in days with me. I will be contacting you each week just to make sure everything is as good as it can be. To me its all about optimising everything to maximise results. So even if its seemingly going great, if i can find a way to make it go better I will. 

    Video Tips, advice and instruction if you ever have doubts.

    I'm currently in the process of creating a members only website complete with workouts, recipes, articles and reviews. As well as video library of exercises, a video blog and series of short video seminars. This means that if ever you need any extra help or don't understand the correct way to perform an exercise I will get it filmed for you as soon as possible if I don't already. This way I know that you're performing the exercises I give you correctly, safely and effectively. I want you to be confident to walk in to any gym, anywhere and dominate it. 

    If you have any more questions about any more of my services please e-mail via the contact form on this site, tweet @ElliottUptonPT on twitter or follow our Facebook page.  The links can be found at the bottom of this page. I'll endeavour to answer as soon as I can. The one thing I will say about online training is that you MUST be motivated to train hard, eat right, keep your records and check ins correctly and get results. Ultimately your success is dependent on no one but YOU.