So here's what you're probably wanting to see, the results that back up the claims. 

These are just a few of my incredible team of men and women from all over the world who've worked hard to achieve amazing things. I couldn't be prouder of them all and I hope they inspire you to start your journey today too. 

Lucy 26, United Kingdom

Mandalena , United Kingdom - 12 weeks

Iwona 36, Spain - 6 weeks

John 52, Spain - 6 weeks

Del, Canada 

Lucy 34, United Kingdom - 6 weeks

Leanne, United Kingdom - 4 weeks

Luke 24, United Kingdom - 6 weeks

Steve 44, Spain - 6 weeks

Lauren 36, Spain - 6 weeks

Esme 27, United kingdom - 12 weeks

Tine 42, Spain - 12 weeks

Sam 30, Australia - 5 weeks

Rhian 36, United Kingdom - 8 weeks

Aiden 25, United Kingdom - 8 weeks

Benny 30, Spain - 8 weeks

Jacqui 59, United Kingdom - 6 weeks

Natalie 36, Spain


Simon, United Kingdom - 6 weeks

Vaughn 42, Spain

Kaylea 29, United Kingdom - 6 weeks

Sarah 26, United Kingdom - 6 weeks

6fit one

Hannah 27, United Kingdom - 6 weeks

Henrietta 29, United Kingdom - 2 weeks

Sanaa 28, Spain 

Lucy 29, United Kingdom - 6 weeks

6 Weeks

6 Weeks

Dolo, Spain - 6 weeks

Nicole, Spain - 6 weeks

Anon, Gibraltar - 8 weeks

Jacky 27, Spain - 2 weeks

Lizzie 32, United Kingdom - 2 weeks

Eleri 24, United Kingdom - 3 weeks

David 33, United Kingdom - 8 weeks

Jen, Spain - 6 weeks


"I thought I knew everything there was to know about "dieting and weight loss" There's literally not a diet or fad I haven't followed. How could I be so wrong? Training with Elliott has been the ultimate investment in my health and future. Elliott has exceeded my expectations beyond being educated in nutrition, when I train with Elliott I feel like an athlete, I'm learning, progressing and perfecting valuable training plans and techniques in conjunction with a personalised eating plan that is specific to my dietary needs, that has developed a beneficial lifestyle. Following previous weight loss from excessive cardio I was left with excess skin that I thought only surgery could correct. By following Elliott's plan my skin has more elasticity, my lean muscle tone is more defined, I can see my abs and my booty is firmer, stronger and more pert! For the first time in my life I have found a sustainable approach to enjoying a healthier lifestyle, and my fitness aspirations are limitless. Thank you, Elliott!"

Natalie Guyan, Spain

"Before starting with Elliott at Ultimate Performance, training with my previous personal trainer for 2 years, I wasn’t seeing much of a change in my body at all. I recently joined UP about 2 months ago and already feel so much leaner. The way I thought to lose weight was probably how everyone else thinks, to go on a low calorie diet and eat less. I’m probably eating 10x the amount of food right now and getting the results I’d never thought I could get so fast. The trainers there really care about your results and will do anything for you to get there no matter what it takes. I never thought I could handle being pushed so hard but seeing the great results, its motivated me to push myself even harder and try get as lean as I possibly can. I’m so glad to have found a place like UP. I don’t think I’d ever go back to training at another gym, not only have I become so much leaner and stronger, I’ve learnt so much about nutrition and the right and fastest way to drop body fat." 

 Shayna Nanik - London and Hong Kong


I'll never forget the day I started training at UP Mayfair: August 28, 2013. That was the day I got my life back. In my first 15 weeks training with Elliott Upton, I lost 21 kgs and, according to family, friends and colleagues, became a completely different person. 

Under Elliott's expert guidance, I began to understand how my body composition, hormones, emotions, stress levels, sleep, nutrition and training were interlinked, and that finding the optimum balance between these elements was the key to weight loss. It wasn't a case of 'this is what has worked for every other client I've ever trained so will work for you too'; instead Elliott's focus, and the way they do things at UP, meant experimenting to find what got the best results for me as an individual. When I went home to Australia for an extended break over Christmas, people couldn't believe how much I'd changed - and it wasn't just about my body, it was about the new determined, positive mindset I was sporting too. They also couldn't believe the amount of food I was eating! Forget the myth that you need to eat less to lose weight - I eat more food, more often, than I ever have before and I'm still losing weight. This, I have discovered, is what it's like to have a metabolism that works! So for anyone who thinks that as a woman, lifting heavy weights will make you 'big', the opposite is true." 

Karlene Sergeant - London and Australia


 "Im John, 52 and have been following Nick Mitchell's UP for a while now. When I saw that they were opening in Marbella and I was going to be based there I joined immediately as I wanted to achieve the body transformation results I had seen images of online. I guess like lots of potential clients I wondered if the before and after photos were real. They are. I'm proof.

 UP and Elliott Upton is the real McCoy if YOU want to achieve real body transformation and You have the belief and work ethic for the gym training program and meal plan of an extremely qualified UP instructor.  If you think by just going to the gym without the UP workout discipline philosophy both in and outside the gym your body will be transformed then don't waste yours or their time. Elliott, my trainer, works with me for an hour 3 times a week. The rest of the week it's up to me to stick to the plan. I am evidence of that. There is 4 weeks between my before and after photos. 

 My first session included biometric calliper measurements which intrigued me. I've learn't that the personal discipline of 100% effort both in the gym and perhaps more importantly outside the gym works.  My meal plan was tailored to those results. Only two weeks later my body fat had gone from 15% to 12%.

 I had a personal instructor at another gym for 2 years previously where clearly I was practising imperfection. Elliott's discipline with me has taught me a perfect rep is everything. My body transformation in just 4 weeks exceeds more than I could have hoped. Whats scary is the look after the next 4 weeks and thereon."

 John Keneally - London, Spain and Canada